Day 3


Thursday was truly a busy day for our team. In the morning, we had an interesting lecture about the paradoxes of rivers: we learned how do they connect and divide people at the same time. We also learned that the Danube played a crucial role in the lives of those who live near its banks. Besides some geography and history of the Danubian region, we also looked at the EU strategy for developing the Danube and the countries it passes through.

After the morning lecture, our team continued working on the photographic project as well as this blog. We came up with some plans to create content for the blog and started searching for materials to help us with our ideas. Our Slovak teacher was of great help and offered us all kind of information about Slovak culture, history, tourist attractions, etc.

We also continued our language sessions and learned how to ask for and give directions, how to count in Slovak and a bit more grammar. In addition to that, we had a useful discussion about Slovak personalities that shaped not only the Slovak society but all Europe as well.

To help us with our blog, pani profesorka Olga brought us books, flyers and other materials on Slovakia.


Later in the evening, Jenny and Tiffany went to a Slovak (and Czech) restaurant for some new encounters. Specifically, they planned to meet a new Slovak whose picture will be in our exhibition, next Wednesday. Also, we planned, as a team, the unfolding of the next few days and we discussed what specific tasks we still have to complete, such as the portrait submission due tomorrow.

Dobrú noc!