Day 7 with the Bulgarians: The Panel, Exhibition and ‘A Taste of Freedom’

Last language session
It was definitely a big day for all of us that was full of joy. However, there also came our last language session which was a great pity. We felt really sad to say goodbye to our lovely teacher Yordanka who had put in amazing effort and passion while teaching us. From the alphabet to being able to formulate a whole sentence, she guided us step by step. It was a challenge for both of us since all of us come from different countries, especially for those who speak languages that belong to another language family. Pronunciation and memorizing the alphabet are the biggest barriers of learning. Besides language, we also learnt about famous Bulgarian poetry, literature and traditions. These made the sessions much more interesting and interactive.

Panel Talk
It was extremely fascinating to hear other groups’ experiences over the past week while interviewing and meeting new people, There were many similarities between us, especially the problem while interviewing or filming people who we met for the first time. It’s nearly impossible to let strangers open up themselves or share their experiences without any concern. However, the fact was, as long as we try and show our passion and interests towards their language and culture, we still have the chance of making people comfortable enough to be able to talk to us. The UCL global citizenship program has really put us in a good position to communicate with people of different backgrounds as a friend rather than a interviewer since the language courses are provided. All in all, no matter what kind of difficulties we have met during these time, we gain the most precious experience and time together with good friends.

Exhibition was a very exciting part of the day. Not only could we see our work displayed in public but also many other outstanding portraits from other groups. Every photograph has a story behind it, whatever it is – amusing or sentimental and it touches us in various ways. Furthermore, it was quite different with visiting a normal gallery since we were all got involved, contributed and no one knows better than us about what happened during this.

By Xing Liu

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