Ukraine day 7

Today marked a sad, sad day for the Ukrainian group as we had to say goodbye to our language teacher, Marta. Her enthusiasm for teaching Ukrainian and engaging style made learning the language less work and more fun. After learning how to introduce ourselves yesterday, we built upon that knowledge and focused on our hobbies and interests, such as reading, singing, or watching films. We also looked at Ukrainian interpretations of the Danube through prose, poetry, and folk songs. What stuck in our minds most was the folk song ‘дунаю, дунаю’ (‘Danube, Danube’), which had potentially the catchiest and most repetitive chorus in existence. It has been a pleasure learning Ukrainian with Marta and we look forward to using our much-improved Ukrainian skills when we visit Ukraine in the future!

Later on we’ll be showcasing our portraits at Waterstones, which will give the group a chance to not only see our creations, but see its effect on others. We will also be able to appreciate the work of others and see how our experiences differed from theirs.

Although the loss of Marta has dampened our spirits, we are looking to the future, where we will have plenty more opportunities to have a great time in the last two days.

Дякую Марта!

Conor and Tom


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