Bulgarian Group Day 6

After two very interesting lectures about the Roma and the discrimination they face in their home countries, those working on the film split up to go interview their subject and capture footage, whilst those who worked on the portrait regrouped in Phineas to discuss other projects. There we spent two hours in an almost inconceivably product state, before we all regrouped again and headed to the language class, where the topic of the day was celebrations. Yordanka described to us how Bulgarians celebrate Easter with colourful painted eggs, and May day with spirals of red and white string that are worn around the wrist and known as ‘Martenitsa’. To produce these bracelets for ourselves, in pairs we rotated a length of red and white string tied together, before hanging it by the join and running our hands along it to form a spiral. These attractive lengths we then tied around our wrists.


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