Ukraine day 6

Day 6 gave us a double dose of knowledge this morning with a suprise announcement of a second lecture right after the first, which was effective at providing us with base knowledge on Roma people and then building upon it in the subsequent lecture, offering us a more personal side of the story. The first lecture largely consisted of Michael Stewart exploring the broader traits of Roma society, and the second revolved around Annabel Tremlett’s various experiences in Hungary with Roma people over a decade. This was especially interesting, as her information and personal pictures helped to add a human element to the subject. Her approach differed from most anthropologists in that she gave her subjects the camera, so it offered a more insider view as opposed to an outsider looking in. This meant that the pictures were less staged, more real, and more representative of the people in question.

In the first half of the language session we started to construct whole sentences for the first time when introducing ourselves. The second part of the session comprised of Marta brushing up our numerical skills to prepare us to order products in Ukrainian with different price tags. She provided a brief outline of the different cultural events that take place in the country.

Today, we got a deeper look into the Roma people, but also ourselves (through the form of Ukrainian language), and we are ready for our last language lesson and the ‘Foreigner Talk’ tomorrow.

Tom and Conor


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