Serbian Group – Day 5


It is crazy to think that we are already halfway through becoming Global Citizens, it still feels like the first day. However, our group has been very active with our projects. After finishing the portrait project and deciding on our documentary plans last week, today was our first day of shooting – exciting!

We started the day with a lecture on Jewish culture along the Danube by Lily Kahn, emphasizing the differences in famous literature translated to Yiddish or Hebrew, and the domestication of typically Christian expressions. Her energy really came through and inspired us to take on her enthusiasm and use our time well. We managed to start filming before our next lecture by Eszter on the Danubian languages. Her excitement was clearly audible as she spoke, which kept us engaged as we tried to compare the languages and understand Boyash – which is surprisingly similar to Romanian!  Our language session with Jelena was also just as interesting as always, we learned about Serbian music and pop culture – cannot wait for the food session tomorrow to try her famous Burek, yumm! And our new go-to summer holiday experience will be the EXIT Festival in Novi Sad!

I cannot really tell you much about our filming project, but we do hope that you are all going to enjoy it as much as we enjoy making it, it is a truly eye-opening experience. It will be tough cramming all our ideas into just three minutes, but the challenge is accepted by the Serbian group!


Vidimo se!



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