Serbian Group – Day 3

It was a fantastic day. I woke up to a rare bright sunny day, a rare sight in London, to jump start an equally scarce day which combines a wonderful trip out of central London, with great friends, and – of course – an increase in my understanding of central European cultures on the Danube bank side. After the lecture in the morning, we set off on an adventure to find the model for our portrait. Finding the subject for the photo portrait was challenging but having discovered several Serbian establishments in London the day before, we decided to venture to a Serbian café with the best prospect… and ĆEVAPI.


As we saw the grand display of excellent Serbian culinary heritage, it was deemed that a group photo was in order and thus a concession was made that we would have to ask a gentleman sitting on the next table from us to help capture the moment. Coincidentally, whether by chance, the sheer volume of our conversation or its contents, the gentleman revealed that he was from Macedonia.

Eyes lit up. Cutlery put down.

At that moment, we knew,

we’ve found him.

We found our subject.


Empowered by our recently obtained knowledge regarding the ways to approach strangers a conversation was smoothly engaged. He confirmed and surpassed our expectation as the story of his life and time in London panned out to be even more astonishing than any of us had anticipated. After one full hour of conversation, he agreed to become the crucial part of our project and to even visit the exhibition later. We left with a satisfied stomach, and a finished task.


Somewhat regrettably, the prolonged time of the interview meant that we missed our scheduled Serbian language lesson but, consequently, Jelena the teacher happily agreed to teach us in the park instead. And all was well. It was, indeed, a fantastičan dan.



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