Day 3 – Romania Group: Deepening our Understanding of Danubian Culture and Interviewing a Romanian Migrant

Today, before lunch, we discussed the meaning and origins of the Danube river, how it shaped people’s lives and the development of cultures that are situated along the Danube. Within our groups we extrapolated and analyzed this idea in relation to other big rivers, in particular, the Thames in London and the Dnipro in Ukraine, by comparing the meaning that they had in the past and now.

After lunch, we concentrated on the different aspects of Romanian culture that are known to the people outside the country. In particular, we looked at the lives of famous Romanian sculptors and musicians working in the UK, whose ideas largely influenced local artists. In addition, we touched on the places where one can experience Romanian cuisine in London. We also learnt Romanian vocabulary that would be required to navigate around the city.

In the evening, three members of our group went to interview a Romanian woman, Sabrina, who kindly agreed to be the subject of our portrait. She told us about her reasons for moving to London and shared lots of fascinating experiences linked to her migration. She also explained what she gained from living in London, what she could not have gotten back home in Romania. It was very interesting to learn how despite being extremely pleased with all the opportunities that she has now and her profound love of London, she remains deeply Romanian with a strong sense of her initial cultural identity.

By Anna Tarasenko


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