Sailing on the Danube with the Hungarians – Day 2

Our second day on this program turned out to be as interesting as the first one! We had a tutorial about documentary filming from Dieter Deswarte, where we had the chance to film 5 shots and create a sequence. We were able to use the different filming techniques he showed during the lecture, such as long shots, wide shots, medium shots etc. He also showed us a couple of short clips from documentaries, to show us how filming has evolved, and he gave us feedback on the sequences we filmed.

In addition, he gave us really helpful advice on how to approach the person we want to film. We learned that we should be considerate and respectful, but at the same time we should ask follow-up questions during the interview to get the most information from our interviewee. Moreover, he gave us basic instruction on how to use the Adobe Premiere Pro software, in order to edit our shots and create a short documentary.

Later in the day, we had our second language session. We were surprised to realise that we could introduce ourselves and have a basic conversation, after just an hour of learning Hungarian! We learned how to pronounce many new words related to the Danube region and culture, after looking to pictures as well. For example, we saw a picture of a bus in front of the Parliament in flooded Budapest, and thought it was a boat! Our fun learning experience ended with learning a Hungarian children’s song, Bőrönd Ödön. We can’t wait for tomorrow’s session!

-Maria, Yiwei and Maggie for the Hungarian Group.


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