Bulgaria Day 3

On Thursday morning, our group split into two halves. One half went to the Bulgarian Orthodox Church to interview V.Revd. Simeon Iliev about his experiences of migrating to and living in London, and the other half remained with the other “strands” of the Danube to listen to a lecture on Danubian Culture and Global Citizenship. During this lecture we explored the cultural significance of the Danube and how its presence through Europe as shaped civilisations along and around it through history. We also were introduced to the idea of the Danube as a microcosmic representation of globalisation, with the increased inter-reliance and communication between the groups of people living on the banks of the Danube.

After lunch, the two halves of our group were reunited, and we had a language lesson on how to introduce ourselves in Bulgarian – and practiced it till we could do it fluently.  We also learnt about the close-knit Bulgarian community in London and how Bulgarians come together to form a cultural hub where those who newly immigrate can easily integrate into.




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