Serbia Group – Day 2


Day Two of the Global Citizenship Programme began at 10.00 with an interesting lecture from Dieter Deswarte about the art of documentary filming. He taught us the basics and then let us loose with some cameras to test out our new knowledge. Our group decided to create a thrilling short film about a student checking out a library book; although our acting talents were questionable, our directing skills (although rather obvious in the film) were applauded.




The language session was probably our favourite part of the day. Over ice cream in Gordon Square Gardens, we discussed the Serbian alphabet and basic grammatical formations with our lovely lecturer, Jelena Ćalić. It was particularly intriguing to see the similarities between the vocabulary of the Serbian language and other Danubian languages spoken by our group members, such as Hungarian and Romanian. Through this lesson, it became even more obvious that Danubian countries cannot be divided into different languages and cultures according to their geographical boundaries; the entire region sits on a spectrum.


We concluded our day with a Project Tutorial in the sun. Whilst marvelling at the cuteness of some nearby (particularly giggly) toddlers playing in the park, we explored ideas for our portrait of a Serbian migrant. Then putting some of our theories into practice, we set up the camera on a tripod and took portraits of each other, experimenting with different lenses to ensure the best possible results for tomorrow’s task. Hopefully our practice will pay off!


Vidimo se sutra!



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