Day 2 at the Danube with the Bulgarian Group

We began the day by learning some of the skills required for documentary film-making. Through an extremely engaging and interesting lecture, Dieter Deswarte explained the techniques required and  the different ways in which to film. Showing us examples of successful documentaries, we were  introduced to the tools we will need for our 3-minute documentary on a Bulgarian migrant.

We learned about the importance of thinking in scenes, establishing context through landscape shots, lighting and different shot sizes: how each of these things will help us convey our documentary’s story later this week.  Equipped with this new knowledge, we set out to try and shoot a short scene around the university to practice these filming techniques. After receiving helpful feedback and finding out how to edit our raw footage, we got to grab a quick lunch before heading to our language class.

Building on yesterday’s work, we learnt a lot of new vocabulary and how Bulgarian differs from English by being split into different cases. It is exciting to learn so much about a new language so quickly as, by the end of the lesson, we could hold a conversation about our backgrounds! Our преподавателка, Yordanka, even helped us get in touch with some Bulgarians for our poster so we cannot wait to meet them and find out their stories tomorrow!



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