Day 1 – Romania Group: A Cultural Understanding of the Danube

Our first day of the Danube cultural journey started with an introduction to the geography and microcosms of culture and language situated around the Danube river. A presentation by Eszter of the history and present day culture surrounding the banks of the Danube river was followed by an insightful talk by a street photographer on how to present and engage with the subjectivity of portraiture. We met with our language groups, the “Romanians” discussed their case study, deciding to hone in on some cultural areas in London where we could connect with someone who has migrated from Romania to London and present their story. It was decided that one particular food shop near to UCL may give us a lead to find our subject for the interview, portrait and film we will exhibit next Friday. We then continued to our first language lesson, where we explored the basics of the Romanian language such as simple greetings, the alphabet, numbers, and countries, we learnt how to ask and how to tell the time. After our first language lesson we met with all the other groups from the Global Citizenship programme and a final opening celebration ensued to kick off the start of our two weeks ahead.

Now finally to contact that shop to find our Romanian subject… and to write up my Romanian homework! J

By Maya Howard


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