Ukrainian Group – June 8

We had a lecture about languages on Danube region by Eszter in the morning. It was the most academic lecture we have had during the programme. We found out that there are a lot more languages spoken on Danube than we think. Other than official languages of countries (German, Ukrainian, Hungarian etc.), other languages such as Ladino, Hebrew, Romani are also spoken by large populations. We learnt that Aromanian and Greek are also widely used.

In our last Ukrainian lesson, Marta taught us some beautiful poems and songs. We all love a traditional folk song called дунаю дунаю (Oh Danube, Oh Danube). It describes a girl standing by Danube and fall in love with a boy.

For video project, Noemie did a very great job in editing. Movie supervisor Dieter gave us some advice on how to improve the video, and he will get back to it tomorrow.



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