The penultimate day – Slovakia


Today began with an intriguing lecture held by Rebecca Handler, the policy team leader on immigration, focusing mainly on the impact of the migrants in the British society. The workshop started with mention of the referendum, an event that will decide the destiny of UK. Having introduced the situation between the UK and EU, this was the trigger of the following debate about immigrants. As lots of people complain about the problem with the population movement – for example Eastern Europeans coming in the UK – we have to clarify the differences between perception and reality when it comes to understanding immigration. We discussed the differences between EU and non-EU migrants and refugees and what their political and social rights within British society are. We have also discovered that worries surrounding immigration are actually backed up by statistics. Therefore, we have to ask ourselves whether Eastern Europeans and other migrants actually contribute to, or only benefit from, British society. However, different statistics show different outcomes; some say that the immigrants have a positive, negative or no impact at all over society, the economy or employability in British society. Moreover, we finished the workshop by sharing some fascinating personal experiences, as non-UK citizens living in England.

After the lunch break, we moved to the workshop with Dieter Deswarte. With his help and under his advice, we put all the pieces together and built up the final version of our film.


By: Ioana Buzelan


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