Day Ate: but we are still Hung(a)ry

Dear Log Book,


This marks the final entry for our voyage down the Danube.

Today was particularly stressful. In the morning, we attended a lecture by Rebecca Handler on the topic “(Un)welcome in the Promised Land? Competing Ideas of Citizenship: Legislation and Perception”. Her talk largely surrounded the trending topic of immigration to the UK (from the EU). She laid out the scope of discussion in succinct terms, and provided the context in which the EU Treaty was drawn up. The stats that are relevant to the discussion was also clearly stated, all of which suggested that there is a disparity between real numbers and the estimation of the number of migrants in the UK.

Rebecca also outlined the profile of immigration in the UK, and suggested that there is a fear among people towards migration. Surveys show that the perception towards immigrants from Eastern Europe are generally negative, and that from the “western world” are generally positive. The Government is committed to restrict the number of people moving to the UK. To name a few: (i) the number of visas issued by the Home Office is capped; (ii) the criteria in which the spouse of an applicant have been made more difficult to meet; (iii) the criteria in which graduates on point-based tier 4 visa are also made harder to meet. All of the above seemingly aim to resolve the fear and worry people have towards migration. However, it seems to have a greater effect on immigrants from outside the EU than on immigrants from within the EU. What follows was an interesting story sharing session.

Next up, we (allegedly) just started working on the film that are due this evening. Team Magyar once again showcased their astonishing ability to put in 110% of effort into producing work of quality. Among them, some worked on the artefact they wanted to display during the exhibition, and some worked incessantly on editing the short film. The poster team managed to create an amazing piece of art(efact). The film team was also brilliant in pulling off the task. Currently they are still working on it. Let’s all anticipate what they are capable of!

It’s been a truly wonderful journey. We barely know each other two weeks ago; we know nothing about Hungarian; eventually we bonded in vowel harmony. It still seems rather odd now that we have to go cold turkey on the language sessions. But fear not, we are almost there – it’s day Ate! Lettuce work berry hard and produce eggcellent wok! We are team Hung(a)ry!

donut know what I’m writing anymore. I butter stop.



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