Monday 6th June – Serbia

Monday morning began on a cheery note with a two hour-long discussion on the Holocaust.  Actually, this is a bit unfair – Gwen Jones’ lecture on ‘Jewish Life (and Death) along the Danube’ ranged far beyond the Shoah, touching on rural Jewish life in Romania, urban culture in the coffee-houses of Vienna, and even allowing us to sample some Danubian Jewish music.

Following the customary Prêt-break, we moved into our cluster room on Bedford Way to start editing our poster and film.  Sura and Helen made rapid progress with the former, and the poster was nearly complete by the end of the session.  Me and Alfred took some time at the start struggling gamely with the Adobe Premiere Pro editing software, but left the session content with the footage we’d spliced together.

Our language session with Jelena was a veritable feast of burek and turška kafe.  In addition to giving us an excellent crash-course in ordering food and drink in Serbia, Jelena had been kind enough to make us some cheese burek and Turkish coffee.  Whilst she assured us that the burek was very easy to make, it tasted so nice that we almost couldn’t believe her!

The evening’s UN conference was a bonanza of transnational, inter-institutional and local cooperation.  A collective intellectual brainstorm on the effective implementation of the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights, it was a unique experience. 

All the best,



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