Day 5 – Slovakia

Dobrý večer!

Monday has arrived and we opened our second week with a lecture on ‘Jewish life (and death) along the Danube’ given by university teacher Gwen Jones. The hour-long presentation began with an extract from an amateur film called ‘The Danube Exodus’ which documented the Slovak and Austrian Jews fleeing the Nazis just before the Second World War. Then, the Danubian countries were described one-by-one with regards to their Jewish communities amongst which many prominent figures were mentioned such as Hungarian composer Rezső Seress or Serbian writer David Albahari. Finally, we learnt what the difference is between the words ‘there’ and ‘then’ in terms of the Holocaust as many survivors referred to the genocide as something which happened ‘then’ (and is now over) while others pointed out that it happened ‘there’ (and therefore can happen again).

Following a fairly entertaining tutorial, where we discussed the weekend’s happenings and made further plans on how to edit our film and poster, we decided to make use of the nice weather and continue our work in Gordon Square’s central garden. We used the time sunbathing and enjoying traditional Slovak wafers and sweets. And our project is really gaining shape now!

During the afternoon’s language session we expanded our vocabulary by learning the names of the Danubian countries and their capitals. After that, Olga took the whole group to a culinary trip around Slovakia where we got to know the most typical Slovak national dishes. In addition to that, we learnt some really useful expressions that might come in handy when ordering food in a restaurant.

We finished our day with a joint conference where all strands of the Global Citizenship gathered with the aim of producing a declaration that enables a better implementation of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Each discussion group came up with interesting ideas and recommendations in the hope that these would be worked into the text of a UCL Declaration, which will be displayed in visual form at the closing ceremony on Friday.


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