Friday 3rd of June, Serbian Group

Friday began with a talk from Wendy Bracewell on ‘The Danube through Travellers’ Eyes’, lucidly discussing the perspectives and writings of travellers across the centuries seeing the region as a gateway from west to east.  This was followed by an academic tutorial with Sasha, in which we went on to discuss the impact of globalisation on regional culture.  How could a theoretical world government (or ‘global citizenry’…) protect vulnerable cultures and traditions, and how would they choose between cultures without prejudice?  A variety of (albeit tentative) solutions were advanced!

After lunch we heard from Edina Csányi, a lawyer working with the European Union, giving an interesting ‘Practitioner’s Perspective’ on the EU’s Danube Strategy.  It was very kind of her to come from Luxembourg to speak to us.  Jelena (along with her niece and daughters!) then gave us another brilliant language session, intertwining a discussion on the locative case with the natural landscape of the Serbian Danube.  The locative case was sonically highlighted by a song from Serbian alternative group Darkwood Dub.  I’ll be listening to them again! 

All the best,

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