#Beyond the Beyond…

Our sixth day of learning about Slovakia and the Danube started by each of us focusing on our different projects. Thus Jess and I made a lot of progress on the editing stages of the film footage, selecting relevant material and cutting it to fit into the time limits. At the same time, Charlotte and Liv were putting the final touches to the presentation for the ‘UnConference’ that evening. There was still a lot of other work to be done, however, so other members of the group were finalising the poster or their blogs.

We all came together for another Slovak lesson with Olga in the afternoon. Today’s topics were primarily Slovak literature, poetry and music. This included exploring a passage from Peter Krištúfek’s Dom hluchého, which was quite amusing, and Jozef Urban’s Voda, čo ma drží nad vodou.

After this, we were able to join together with the other strands of the global citizenship programme for the UnConferance. This is considered to be a participant-driven meeting, which it certainly was, with insights given by all groups into their various strands. Our group thus commenced the meeting, with a great presentation by Charlotte and Liv on ‘interconnectedness’ and building bridges. It was really interesting to investigate how different bridges along the Danube, as well as more metaphorical bridges, can be so representative of the varying impacts of the Danube. We then heard the other groups’ presentations and it was fascinating to see the other viewpoints of global citizenship. The sustainable cities viewpoint seemed particularly interesting with their more creative stance of having to find global, sustainable solutions to issues in Dar es Salaam, for example. The UnConference therefore gave us a much more rounded view of what a global citizen is.

With this new view in mind, the next few days of the programme will be particularly useful. It will help with developing our projects and preparing for the final exhibition.

-Laura Russell


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