Ukrainian group- day 3- On Perceptions and Multi-lingual-ism

Day 3 on The Danube. During our lecture we saw, in a way, how Danubians thought of other Danubians up, down and across the river. Interestingly as we went down, the people would get more ‘barbaric’ and those further upstream were more ‘sophisticated’. During the discussions, we spoke of how the West saw the East.  We discussed about how perception of other people in the West/East was affected by their Economic and more significantly our cultures. Our perception on a particular country/group are mostly based on cultural stereotypes. Whether that is good or bad it is hard to say.

As we progressed through the day, we heard stories of multi-lingual people. I am sure many of us resonate with these stories. We heard of a man who grew up speaking a different language from his brother. And of a couple who spoke 5 languages between them, teaching their children multiple language became their mission. What I found most interesting was that from all over the world there are people who have their own variation of a language, like a Hungarian-Slovak mix.

From the 2 sessions it is evident there are many different-similarities of the people along the Danube and around the world.

Looking forward to another exciting day on the Danube!


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