German/Austrian Group – Global or local citizens and the role of heritage via Jewish Vienna

Today, we had a lecture about Jewish everyday life, art, and photography in Vienna. We found it was quite impressive because we get a chance to have a closer look to Jewish every day life of entertainment and the jobs they used to get. It was particularly impressive to learn that women working as photographers in turn of the century Vienna was not an uncommon thing. During the group session, we discussed more about what Jewish heritage means for Vienna (and Austria and Germany in general) today. We also discussed the concepts of memory, remembrance, guilt and judgement, in connection to the Holocaust in the two countries. We also had a glance at Jewish cultural history in the eighteenth and nineteenth century and discussed how different periods of ideas like the Haskalah, liberalism, traditionalism and Zionism in Central Europe might have affected, developed or hindered Jewish culture. The discussion ended with questions: how should we deal with traditions when they are replaced by modern cosmopolitanism and should we be proud to be a global citizen or a local citizen. After this long talk, we decided on the details of our projects of film making and poster. Then we divided into three groups, made the plans and began researching for the projects. Everything is on the right track!

Log entry by Wanming Ding


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