Romanian Group – Day One

Triphthongs and Diphthongs and Diacritics. Oh my!
Following a short and sweet, fast-paced introduction to the Romanian language – that saw our group learn some introductory phrases and discover that, with a basic understanding of a few grammatical rules, it is not as daunting a language to learn as it might first seem – we each talked about our individual reasons for joining the Danube stream (pun unavoidable) and for choosing to study Romanian in particular.
The reasons were varied: from being naturally drawn the culture and people, to wanting to study Romanian as a result of its roots in Vulgar Latin, to simply wanting a change of scene. With the help of our stream Navigator (pun unavoidable… again!) we then formed the groups that will undertake the different projects. Overall, an intense first day but enjoyable first day and it’ll only be smooth sailing (sorry – not sorry!) if it carries on this way!

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