Paradoxes on the Danube – Yes and No in Bulgaria

Many of you may have seen those online brain-teasers where you’re supplied with numerous words such as ‘Red’, ‘Blue’ or ‘Green’ albeit the twist lies in the fact that the word ‘Red’ is written in the colour blue, and the word ‘Green’ is written in the colour yellow and one must sit there trying with all their might to say the colour not the word.

That’s what it felt like learning Bulgarian for the first time. What looks like a ‘p’ sounds like an ‘r’ and what looks like a ‘g’ sounds like a ‘d’ but it is perhaps one of the most interesting experiences you’ll find yourself doing.

The Global Citizenship program is not what I expected; after a year of countless daunting lectures, I never thought I could possibly go to one more which I genuinely found interesting. But as lecturer Tim Beasley-Murray stood animatedly exploring the Danube and briefing us on ‘Rivers and their Paradoxes’ I could not help but feel the utter vivacity and authentic interest with which he taught his subject.

You will find that not only are you enamoured by things you never would’ve thought of (did you know that Bulgarians shake their head yes, and nod their head no?) but you’ll find yourself surrounded by a group of truly great people who are just as intrigued and overwhelmed by all this as you are; people who share your thirst for learning about other cultures and are unexpectedly willing to learn their A B Cs all over again.


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