Romanian Group Log Entry – Reflections on the First Week

The first week of the global citizenship programme (GCP) has been a very enjoyable and colourful week. There were many insightful lectures about how people view the Danube and debunking the myths and misconceptions about the river. Such as, the myth that the river links many of the eastern European countries and cultures together, when in fact the Danube behaves like a barrier because of the difficulty in travelling on it and across it. Another thought-provoking lecture was about how Western travellers view the Danube as a gateway into Eastern Europe, it was interesting to know that different travellers have different perceptions of the Danube and at what point along the Danube, you travel from Western Europe into Eastern Europe.

Whilst the lectures provide a macroscopic sense and understanding of the Danube, the tutorial groups cover the smaller nuances of the Danube, by studying a specific Danubian country. We are learning about Romanian culture and their way of life, as well as how significant the Danube plays a part in their culture. Romanian cuisine in particular is fascinating because, there is no unique Romanian dish. The dishes they have are modified versions of food from other countries, in particular Turkey, Hungary and Germany.


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