Romanian Group Log Entry – 6/6/2014

Today’s ‘cruise on the Danube’ gave us insight into the national dishes of Romania. We discovered the close bond between the origins of Eastern Europe’s gastronomy, the language similarities between Romanian, Hungarian, German or Turkish. We craved the dishes shown on the slide show in the language class. Some of our favourites were: Papanasi ( traditional doughnuts with jam), Salata di vinete (aubergine dip), Cozonac (festive desert) and Carne la cuptor cu legume (Roasted meat with vegetables).

We also learned that gastronomic vocabulary is surprisingly similar in the Danube countries. For Example the word for ham is sunka is Slovak, Shinken in German and Sonka in Hungarian. On Monday we will discover these tasty specialities in person. We can’t wait!


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