Day 5 – Serbia Group


In the morning, we had a lecture by Hungarian linguist Adam Nadasdy who explored the different relations between the Danubian languages. It was interesting to hear and see how Serbian and Slovak in particular were quite similar in vocabulary when analyzing the degree to which the Danubian languages were related to each other. After the lecture, the video team decided to film themselves speaking in Serbian in the Quad whilst the poster team started to download the InDesign program and play around with the tools for their poster design. In the afternoon, we had a ‘delicious’ lecture on Serbian food that made us all hungry. Our lovely Serbian teacher brought in some food for us all to try! She made us Burek, which is a type of filled pastry and is a Balkan specialty. The Burek contained eggs, feta cheese and yoghurt. We also tried some Serbian coffee which was followed by an interesting talk on traditional coffee fortune telling. How do you read a coffee? The shapes and patterns of the residue are interpreted into positive or negative events such as troubles or illnesses. We are all looking forward to the food-tasting event on Monday!


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