Romanian Group Log Entry – Proximity, Distance and the Global Perspective

We talked about travelling up, down and across the Danube today and somehow, reached the touchy subject of prejudices… It struck me to see how everybody had different perspectives and reactions. And even though I enjoyed the learning, I couldn’t discard the soft irony behind it. As a non-European, as someone who has no particular affiliation with any of the Danubian countries, as a neutral observer, I was on the sail for discovery. But everyone had not boarded the same ship. I could sense there was a need for the country representatives to be portrayed in the most favourable light possible—a need which could at best, be thinly veiled.


I couldn’t help but think of the whole point of implementing global citizenship values into young adults. We were introduced to the programme with a centuries-old quote taking the example of a Chinese man being too distant and isolated from Europe that it was hard to think of him as a neighbour. Shouldn’t we then have chosen a part of the globe no one is familiar with, like some unknown African tribe or an isolated island community? Humbly, I felt it could have been something everyone had to learn, as a ‘global’ citizen, to start developing feelings towards, and not something they already had inclinations for.


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