Day 4 – Serbian Group

sava danube

Здраво свима!

Today, we kicked off with a lecture by GerDuijzings on the anthropological history of notable port cities on the Lower Danube and Black Sea, with special emphasis on Ruse (Bulgaria), Brăila (Romania), Constanţa (Romania) and Odessa (Ukraine).

One striking issue, which was also brought up in our academic tutorial, was the paradox of globalisation and that, even though we are increasingly interconnected globally, there is a growing “local disconnection”. We discussed with our navigator how this is already visible in our daily lives: we are able to talk to someone on the other side of the world, but are more and more ignorant of our next-door neighbour. We also reflected on whether and how this issue may change our view of what it means to be a Global Citizen.

In the afternoon, we met again with Ger Duijzings, who taught us about ethnographic research methods and skills which were very useful, especially for those of us involved in the film project.
In our Serbian class, we learnt even more phrases (šta je ovo? / gde je ovo?) and grammatical rules, while also exploring different touristic locations in Beograd.
We finished off the day by further planning and discussing our poster and movie, which we are really excited to get started on.

Видимо се сутра!


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