България – Log Entry 4/6/2014


On the second day of our journey we faced again the myths that Thomas Lorman so elaborately dispelled the day before. Wendy Bracewell provided us with bits from travellers’ writing on the Danube from 19th to early 20th century. Her argument was, that each of them, by choosing to go down this very river, experienced the trespassing from the highly civilised West to the (nearly) savage East. Interestingly, each of the accountants took the liberty to ‘nest’ the Orient in a place of convenience to them; it could have either been Belgrade, or Budapest, or for some just outside Vienna. The Danube then was a river almost as interesting as the Nile or Kongo, in the sense that it was a place of discovery of ‘otherness’. One of the traveller mentioned how happy he was to finally see people eating with forks upon his return journey from the East. These writings, however unobjective, proved a fascinating subject for study, for which we all wish we had more time to explore than only one lecture.


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